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---- 191644_183830118328184_100863569958173_455200_777054_o (large)Peter James Danalis was 21 years old when he was processed through Ellis Island in 1914. The first world war had just begun. He had $10 in cash in his pocket, did not speak the language, and only had a promise from a friend that he could stay with him until he found a job.

He lived in NYC for several years, working in various Greek restaurants. Once he had saved enough money, and gained confidence in his ability to sustain himself, he relocated to Springfield, MA in 1925.

Again he worked in Greek restaurants, judiciously saving all the money he possibly could. in 1930, he opened a white tablecloth restaurant, seating 75 people, on the second floor of a building in the north end of Springfield. Its name was the Athens Restaurant. He catered primarily to the Greek and Lebonese community. Many of his customers were men who had come to America to work, save money, and eventually bring their families to the promised land. Peter remained in the food service business for some 46 years. In 1960, the Springfield redevelopment authority purchased his business for $2200. The intersection of routes 91 and 291 in downtown Springfield was built right over where the business once stood.

The Danalis family operated Stefanos restaurant, on Dickinson Street in Springfield, from 1989 to 1992. The family tradition continued, when they purchased and operated Stefanos restaurant at the Blue Star, in West Springfield from 1993 until 2003.

In December of 2008, the Danalis family purchased Tommaso's Restaurant, and has successfully kept the family tradition intact (only at this one Location - 525 Springfield Street, Feeding Hills).

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